Our Mission: Enhancing the textile industry in India in order for it to have an equitable and sustainable future.

Our Vision: The key focus is to cultivate a variety of fibres like Hemp, Tencel, Recycled Polyester & Organic Cotton.

Sutexgo, was established in 2021 after taking into consideration the glaring gap in the fibre and yarn market. With consumers being more environmentally conscious than ever, it’s no surprise that sustainability has become a familiar refrain in the fibre and yarn industry. However, given that sustainable fibres are legal but almost entirely unregulated, it’s cultivation, manufacturing and distribution poses several challenges. We at Sutexgo believe there is and will be a mass demand in sustainable textiles in the years to come. Our ambition is to provide India with high quality, imported yarns and fabrics to allow Indian manufacturers to stay competitive in the rapidly growing international textile market.

Sustainable Textiles Go!

Why Sustainable?

The sustainable textile industry has grown leaps and bounds over the last decade. The issues one faced with Sustainable wear is not prevalent anymore. Commonly held notions such as, sustainable fabrics and clothes are not durable. On the contrary Hemp is 4 times stronger than cotton! With that sustainable wear is better for our planet. Nothing can matter much more than that!


Ishaan Maniktala


As a former KPMG employee in Luxembourg and UK, a MSc in Finance from SKEMA Business school in Paris, and currently finishing his ACCA (Chartered Accountancy) qualification, Ishaan has extensive experience and expertise in Finance, Audit, Assurance, Risk, Compliance and Investor Relations. Given his vast multicultural background, Ishaan has an in depth understanding of the business, commercial and financial risks Sutexgo may face on a domestic and global level. Therefore, constantly helping us scale with sustainability and quality being his core values.

“We think twice before spending, but are aggressive when it comes to investing in what matters, currently hemp is the fabric of the future and that’s what matters”

Ali Mir


With expertise in Business development and product management, Ali Mir is already invested into the sustainable market with Mohar Organics (LAIQA Sanitary pads). Knowing what it takes to build a successful sustainable business, Ali Mir will be looking to create a long lasting ecosystem helping the Textile market make the big sustainable shift! With qualification in econometrics and management From University of East Anglia one must keep a close eye on the growth Sutexgo makes. Ali will be continuously looking to grow the business and push the envelope when it comes to customer interactions & product management.

"With the world right round the corner of sustainability, textile will be at the helm of it"